Snacks naturales: escamas de cebolla

Again Sunday and new tasting! The product today is a “snack”, but with the difference being that this is a vegetable (onion), are texturized and do not contain any preservatives or colorings. Thanks to the collaboration withVitaSnaks?I can present you this product:?crunchy?onion flakes.

VitaSnack - cebolla crujiente

Before making the tasting, I’m going to talk a little bit about this new product. These snacks are textured using a technology of texturization TXME?. In addition are dehydrated at 40 ?C while maintaining in this way all the antioxidants of the raw vegetable. They do not have additives, nor salt or fats or added sugars. This product can be taken only (snack) or as an accompaniment to food. It is presented in jars or bags with a layer of aluminum that prevents the solar light attack on the product and with moisture barrier.

Let?s go to test:

  • Visual Phase: the product is presented in the form of flakes, has dark brown color.
  • Olfactory Phase: intense smell like onion.
  • Touch Phase: hard, be easily broken the exerting force on it.
  • Gustative Phase: crunchy texture (such as a fried potato); intense flavor to onion; it is not salty; flavor that persists in the mouth once swallowed.

Personally I liked it very much, firstlt by the texture, which is really crispy and secondly by the good taste to onion it has. If we add all that which is 100% natural, I believe that we have found a perfect snack: we are eating vegetables and their antioxiantes, we can take when we like and also helps us to maintain a healthy diet.

Escamas de cebolla crujiente.

Escamas de cebolla crujiente.

Know that in addition to onion tehy have tomato, pepper and cuttings from apple. These products also I have sent, so together with other products from other collaborations I?ll show you.

If you are interested in testing these products I left the link to their online store. In addition, links to their twitter, facebook and web page.

I hope you like them as me!

De nuevo domingo y de nuevo cata! El producto de hoy se trata de un “snack“, pero con la diferencia de que ?ste se trata de un vegetal (cebolla), est? texturizado y no contiene ni conservantes ni colorantes. Gracias a una colaboraci?n con VitaSnaks os puedo presentar este producto: escamas de cebolla crujiente.

VitaSnack - cebolla crujiente

Antes de pasar a hacer la cata, os voy a hablar un poco de este novedoso producto. Estos snacks son vegetales texturizados mediante una tecnolog?a de texturizaci?n TXME?. Adem?s son deshidratados a 40 ?C manteniendo de esta manera todos los antioxidantes del vegetal crudo. No tienen ni aditivos, ni sal, ni grasas ni az?cares a?adidos. Este producto se puede tomar solo (snack) o como acompa?amiento de la comida. Se presenta en tarros o bolsas con una capa de aluminio que impide que la luz solar ataque al producto y con barrera de humedad.

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Cata de vino El Coto crianza 2007

El Coto Crianza 2007

New day of tasting. This time I opted for something liquid: Wine El Coto Crianza 2007.

Wine, by its content in phenolic compounds, has a high antioxidant power. Your intake is recommended in the mediterranean diet (a drink a day).

The wine tasting that i am going to do is incomparable with those of the great tasters, but i think that on the level of “amateur” or “person who likes wine” it will be useful to know a little more of this wine.

  • To open the bottle, the cork is dampened by the wine, what indicates that has been saved inclined. Does not present any strange odor.?
  • Visual Phase: You don’t have sediments has a color intense garnet, medium transparency: Intense shine, pours few tears.
  • Olfactory Phase: 1. Stopped glass : does not present any strange odor; fruity smell, ripe fruit. 2. Moved glass: the smell of ripe fruit has intensified, is quite intense.
  • Gustative Phase: acid and slightly bitter.

For my taste is a good wine with a pleasant taste and as always perfect to accompany with good “jam?n serrano” and cured cheese.

El Coto Crianza 2007

 Vino El Coto Crianza 2007

De nuevo d?a de cata. Esta vez me he decantado por algo l?quido: Vino El Coto Crianza 2007.

El vino, por su contenido en compuestos fen?licos, tiene un alto poder antioxidante. Su ingesta est? recomendada en la dieta mediterr?nea (una copita al d?a).

La cata que voy a hacer es incomparable con aquellas de los grandes catadores, pero creo que a nivel de “aficionado” o de “persona a la que le gusta el vino” os ser? ?til para conocer un poco m?s de este vino.

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Cata crema de hortalizas al queso Beaufort y trocitos de casta?a

It is already Sunday, so it is now to make tasting. This time I?ve chosen the Cream of Vegetables in the Beaufort Cheese and diced chestnuts. This is one of the new creams of Knorr, the range “gourmet moments“.

I admit I am not a major consumer of this type of products already which i find too salty, but this cream is not anything salty. The truth that I was pleasantly surprised. The good thing about this type of product is that take vegetables and in addition we need not prepare it. Among the benefits we provide creams we can highlight:

  • Creams: they contribute to the intake of vegetables, sources of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.
  • Input fiber: fiber not only increases the feeling of satiety but which contributes to improving the intestinal transit.
  • Weight control: creams has a fundamental characteristic at the time of prefer it among other foods, since it gets satiate your appetite leaving feeling of satisfaction and with less than eat snacks between meals. There are varieties of creams that have a low percentage of energy density by which makes them ideal for weight control when they are part of a diet which controls the intake of calories.
  • Hydration: the recommended intake of water every day for the body is 2 to 2.5 liters per day (between liquid and solid). That is why take creams to help moisturise the body, since the water content of these is high and this contributes to the smooth functioning of the body.
  • Relaxation: to be a hot dish, and creams provide a feeling of well-being that help you relax at the time of eating. A dish liquid that relaxes, it is stout, comforting and you can enjoy with the family.

Let us move on to the tasting of the cream. This is a dish that takes hot, moreover, thanks to the heat all the aromas and flavors of the cream is going to intensify.

  • Visual phase: the cream has a brownish. You can see small pieces of parsley and diced chestnuts.
  • Olfactory phase:soft scent to vegetables and cheese. Also note some smell of chestnuts.
  • Gustative phase: light texture, neither too liquid or very dense; notice diced chestnuts. The taste that predominates is that of vegetables, although note perfectly the taste to cheese and nuts. It is not salty.

As I have already mentioned, I was pleasantly surprised. It is not salty (main defect that I find in this type of prepared dishes), has a pleasant taste and taste what it is supposed to taste (other creams are so watered down that they don’t taste nothing).

In conclusion I wanted to emphasize the calories from the cream. As you can see from the photo, per 100 ml: 60 kcal, 1.5 g of protein, 4.5 g carbohydrates, 4 g fat (1g saturated fat), 0.7 g of fiber and 0.31 g sodium. This cream, for the fact to bring cheese is a little more fat than other only vegetables, but without doubt we can include perfectly in our food, even if we are following a diet of thinning.

I encourage you to eat and tell me your opinion.

Ya es domingo, as? que hoy toca hacer cata. Esta vez le ha tocado a la Crema de Hortalizas al Queso Beaufort y Trocitos de Casta?a. Esta es una de las nuevas cremas de Knorr, de la gama “momentos gourmet”.

Reconozco que no soy una gran consumidora de este tipo de productos ya que me resultan demasiado salados, pero esta crema no est? nada salada. La verdad que me ha sorprendido gratamente. Lo bueno de este tipo de productos es que tomamos verduras y adem?s no tenemos que prepararlo. Entre los beneficios que nos aportan las cremas podemos destacar:

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Cata Boffard Reserva

Thinking of new things for the blog, I have taken the decision to devote sundays to tastings. In this way, in addition to knowing the “theory” of each food, we are going to know further. Thus, we will go to the sensory characteristics of them. In this sense I hope to do the best possible; I will try to give the details of color, smell, taste and texture of each one of them and I will give you my personal opinion (I will try to remember as much as possible of the course of wine, cheese and oil that I made a few years ago). I hope that this new section seems interesting at once that fruitful for you.

Boffard reserva

Boffard reserva

To start the new section, I have opted for the cheese. In this case has been Boffard Reserva. Before you begin with sensory analysis, I’m going to talk a little bit of the cheese. This cheese is a cheese old, matured for at least 8 months. It is made with unpasteurized sheep’s milk and in a traditional way: it makes the drainig with a cotton cloth and rubbed in olive oil.

Let?s go to taste the cheese. Before you begin, you need to know that in order to receive all the aromas and flavors of the cheese should be at room temperature, so if you have it in the refrigerator, it is best to bring forth a while before you eat it.

  • Visual Phase: the cheese it is cylindrical in shape; the bark has a few small marks angled uniformity, soaked in oil and it shines, ivory-colored; the color of the cheese is pale yellow, you do not have siege acted, it has no eyes, it is a paste firm and compact.
  • Touch Phase: the moisture content of the cheese is middle-low and surface roughness is low.
  • Olfactory Phase: the smell and the intensity is medium-high, a certain smell to olive oil and without any unusual smell.
  • Gustative Phase: mushy, are grained little chewing; no squeaks; melts quickly in the mouth; slight doughy; has a slight itching; intense flavor that persists after a while of having eaten.

I think it is a good old sheep cheese, fairly balanced. As food pairing, a good wine will be perfect.

The old cheeses, apart from calcium and protein, have quite fat, so it is best taken in moderation.

Pensando en cosas nuevas para el blog, he tomado la decisi?n de dedicar los domingos a las catas. De esta manera, adem?s de saber la “teor?a” de cada alimento, vamos a conocerlos m?s a fondo. As?, conoceremos las caracter?sticas sensoriales de los mismo. En este sentido espero hacerlo lo mejor posible; intentar? detallaros el color, olor, sabor y textura de cada uno de ellos y os dar? mi opini?n personal (intentar? recordar lo m?ximo posible del curso de vino, queso y aceite que hice hace unos a?os). Espero que esta nueva secci?n os parezca interesante a la vez que provechosa.

Boffard reserva

Boffard reserva

Para empezar la nueva secci?n me he decantado por un queso. En este caso ha sido Boffard Reserva. Antes de empezar con el an?lisis sensorial, os voy a hablar un poco del queso. Este queso es un queso viejo, con una maduraci?n de al menos 8 meses. Est? elaborado con leche cruda de oveja y de manera tradicional: se hacen los desuerados con un pa?o de algod?n y frotados en aceite de oliva.

Pasemos a la cata de queso. Antes de empezar, deb?is saber que para percibir todos los aromas y sabores del queso debe estar a temperatura ambiente, as? que, si lo ten?is en el frigor?fico, es mejor que lo saqu?is un rato antes de comerlo.

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